SP01 3 Pack 5 Pack (3-Pack)

SP01 3 Pack 5 Pack (3-Pack)
SP01 3 Pack 5 Pack (3-Pack)
SP01 3 Pack 5 Pack (3-Pack)



UNIMI Silicone Beauty Sponge Kits provides a flawless, edge-less application to help you look your best, but with less makeup!

Leaf & round shape new premium silicone: ideal for replacing traditional beauty sponge blender for face , cheek, forehead, and neck.

Water- drop shape silicone makeup sponge: is perfect for contouring edges of nose and corners of eyes.

The UNIMI Makeup Applicator works well with all types of cream and liquid formulas:
Liquid/Cream Foundation, Concealer, Concealer, BB Cream,CC Cream,Bronzers,Lotions...

Why choose UNIMI silicone beauty sponge?
Unimi is made from FDA Approved Silicon, no safety problems.
Unimi offers 3 different shapes to meet your different needs.
Unimi comes with nice package and sweet user manual.
Unimi is committed to providing you quality products and best service.

Learn to apply sponge applicator correctly , get a natural and even finish!

As the makeup applicator is not a normal sponge, blending does take a different approach. Please just try learning how to apply correctly, you will be amazed and surprised the difference you feel and you may even fall in love with it!

1) Only a little foundation each time
2) Gently holding instead of squeezing it like a foam sponge
3) Just pat and use little circular motions instead of wiping and running into the skin like typical sponge blender