GlitterWarehouse Glitter Eyeshadow / Eye Shadow Shimmer Makeup Powder 24K Gold

GlitterWarehouse Glitter Eyeshadow / Eye Shadow Shimmer Makeup Powder 24K Gold



GlitterWarehouse Glitter Eye Shadow Blend

Our Glitter Eye Makeup Blend is more than just plain glitter. GlitterWarehouse created the perfect blend of glitter sizes and color to deliver the ultimate in glitter eye makeup. Unlike other glitter makeup, GlitterWarehouse Loose Eyeshadow Glitter uses particle sizes that range from super ultra fine to fine to give you the benefit of full coverage while providing super shimmering shine that glitter lovers love.


Our glitter is PET solvent resistant glitter. Although we have tested this glitter solvency, we always recommend that you test a small sample in your solution. As we cannot, test every solution available.


Solvent Resistant: Yes
Water Soluble: Yes, but test
UV: Safe
Max Temp: 135C/175F


There are so many fun things that can be done with our PET glitter. It's solvent resistant properties makes it great for nail art. It excellent for Gel Polish Nail art as well. Safe for use on skin. You can create excellent body art, body tattoos and body shimmers. Plus a great way to enhance your everyday makeup routine. Perfect for competitions and performances to really stand out.

Out PET glitter is better than craft glitter, so it will function perfectly on any craft projects you may be planning.


All pictures of our glitter were taken at our facility. We have worked really hard to match colors exactly. However due to differences in monitors and programs, there might be a slight difference in color. Just a note, pictures do not do these glitters justice. They are bright, shimmery and absolutely beautiful.

We have tried our best to capture as much details for you, but fall short of capturing the true beauty of our glitters.