Glow 12 Make up Brushes Set in Purple Case

Glow 12 Make up Brushes Set in Purple Case
Glow 12 Make up Brushes Set in Purple Case



Glow makeup brush sets provide the best makeup brushes for you in terms of quality and affordability. Each makeup brush set is engineered to provide long lasting performance. These best quality makeup brushes will become a necessary part of your professional makeup kits. The handles of makeup brushes are made of wood to provide extra durability and the bristles are made of soft material to deliver smooth makeup application for an amazing experience.

The brush set includes:

Face brush (3)

Use different sizes of face brushes for loose or compact powder applications all over the face. These are also ideal for applying blush, primer, or under eye products.

Foundation brush (1)

Use this brush for liquid foundations or concealer application. Its firm bristles soak less amount of the liquid makeup so that you get the right coverage for a natural look.

Eye shadow brush (4)

The four eye shadow brushes with different shapes give your eyes the perfect look with smooth application on the lid, in the crease, and around the corners.

Nose shadow brush (2)

Use nose shadow brush for contouring and shadowing around the nose.

Eyeliner brush (1)

Use this brush for powder or liquid eye liner application.

Eyebrow brush (1)

Use this brush to fill in the eyebrows and enhance their natural shape and thickness.

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